Rose Whispering

Rose Whispering

Vintage: 2020 Region: South Australia Volume: 750mL Alcohol: 8%

The flower language of the red rose: I love you every day. People who love each other talk the most words is sweet. Furche Wines introduced the Rose Whispering Pink Moscato, the roses and sweet words fusion together, for the love of the couple life adds a sweet taste of life. An impressive rosy pink color. The aroma are high intensive of rosewater, musk and fresh fruit flavor, such as strawberry, red cherry. The palate is full with fresh berries with medium level of sweetness and acidity. The wine style is light and refreshing with low alcohol level. This wine is good matched with dessert, fruit tarts or spicy dishes.


6 x 750mL

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AUD $98.00

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